Close Distance


Traditionally housemaid (helping hand) work for just two meals a day and assist the middle-class women, both housewives and working women in Bangladesh. They don’t have fixed working-hour or salary. Such cheap labor is rare in the world, perhaps 15 dollars a month. Since domestic work is gendered, hence, housemaids are women. In the society, it is perceived that only women will perform the domestic work which also includes the middle class working women. This household activity is analogous for them although the ‘class’ creates a distance. Every day, maidservants take care of the bed and sofa with their hand but they are neither allowed to sit nor to sleep on them once. With their domestic roles, they are ‘close’ to the middle class women and ‘distant’ at the same time. My intention is to document them by creating a rear occasion of keeping a close distance.





§ 4 Responses to Close Distance

  • Charpentier Marie-Claude says:

    I make research on slavery in greek antiquity. I have written a paper about representation of slave’s bodies, and i am very interesting about your housemaid photographies. Can I use those photographies for a publication in an historic review ? Thanks for your answer. Marie-Claude Charpentier

    • mawaspace says:

      Hello Marie,
      Happy to know that you wanted to use my photographs in your research. I am gladly giving you permission to use my images. But you have to mention photo credit. And when you published these please send me some copies. My e-mail address is
      Thank you.

  • Hi! The concept is brilliant! I would like to know more about this particular project as in the various aspects that you perceive of it as a maker and thinhs on those lines for my academic essay on ur work, Could you help me with it plz?

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