About Me

In my childhood studying the struggle of Van Gogh and his painting on the ‘Crow in the Rice Field’ and Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ I desperately dreamed to be a painter. However, it has not been materialized, as my parents didn’t support. Later I joined student politics, it seemed, that was the greatest time for changing the society. So, I don’t have any regrets to be something special, because my participation was active wherever I was. After quitting from job, I thought I would do something fundamental. In an effort to make film I came to learn photography as a step. I am a final year student of South Asia Media Academy and an enlisted photographer with UNICEF Bangladesh. As a student, while I am eager to learn everything, nevertheless, I have particular interest in documentary and conceptual work.

In photography, so far, I got 3-year experience. Alongside my study in photojournalism, I am working with UNICEF Bangladesh. Lives and livelihoods of both rural and urban populations, environmental impact and development were part of my documentary photography. My 7-year-long stay in the rural areas during my work with NGO as well as my education in photography has helped me in accomplishing my work.

My favorite subject is human, his means of livelihoods, daily life, societal discrimination, and his struggle against it, which have repeatedly been portrayed in my documentary. I think the inner side of human is reflected in his appearance and visualized in expression.  I like to capture human expression irrespective of class: from respectable one to ordinary people. To me, everyone can contribute from his perspective. As a photographer, my responsibility is a bit more in this: my camera and me. Despite it is not possible for photography to utterly change the society and the world, nevertheless, I believe, this is a strong medium of facilitator of change.


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