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March 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

My daughter Spondon used to wait for me when I would come home. If I had assignment or other business in the evening she felt so sad. She needs to go to bed by 12:00 am for her early rise for school. Now-a-days when I come home lately I hear her saying, “I love you Ma” many times, even, when I open my laptop I see one small piece of paper, holding, “I love you ma.” When I go to fresh room, I see same kind of quotation – “I love u and missing u Ma ” is smiling to me from the commode and some others in brush holder…

Today is not a special day for me. I came home, as usual she hugged me, said that she loves me and went to bed timely. I did some work and went to the restroom. When I opened the door I became just speechless – I saw so many write-up here and there …from floor to wall in small little boxes…some are wet even! I found one beautiful letter from among them – “Happy birthday ma! You are the best mother in this world and you are different! I am glad that I am your daughter. You are so lovable and full of talents. I love you more than me. Sometime I ask myself why? Why – I am not like you.”?_C8K7022 copy


I felt so regret and couldn’t stop my tears. I don’t think even I am a good mother. I did not use that rest room even in the morning. In the way of taking picture of the restroom, I discovered a clean room, nothing is there – I got shocked like anything. I asked Kala (helping hand) – why she did that. She was hopeless and thought all are some color-scrap papers. She is a very kind woman. She ran out to the Garbage box and came with some vague papers. I took all the papers and found out the letter. I got repented of recalling that famous proverb – “What you can do today, don’t leave it for tomorrow.”

Today I got 24-70 mm F2.8 lens as a gift from my friend. I have to be happy but I feel it is only an expensive instrument – anybody can get. But the shot I missed it will never come back. For me, it’s more expensive than anything else.



March 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

It was a gloomy afternoon at Cox’sBazar. I have never seen how the cloud comes down to the sea and gradually covers it’s immensity. Little drops of rain was making me wet-I was in deep thought of myself.

©Jannatul Mawa

All of sudden I saw four black ‘burkah’ playing in the salty water. It seemed an unearthly event-seemed some cloud-angels came down to the sea from the sky with desire.

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