Close Distance

April 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Traditionally housemaid (helping hand) work for just two meals a day and assist the rich and middle-class housewives in Bangladesh. They don’t have fixed working-hour or salary. Such cheap labor is rare in the world, perhaps 15 dollars a month. Since domestic work is gendered, hence, housemaids are women. In the society, it is perceived that only women will perform the domestic work which also includes housewives. This household activity is analogous for them although the ‘class’ creates a distance. Every day, maidservants take care of the bed and sofa with their hand but they are neither allowed to sit nor to sleep on them once. With their domestic roles, they are ‘close’ to the housewives and ‘distant’ at the same time. My intention is to document them by creating a rear occasion of keeping a close distance.


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